Monday, November 25, 2013

How I Style My Bean Boots

          I have had multiple requests to show more pictures of how I style my bean boots by L.L.Bean so I decided to posts many of my OOTDs featuring my boots. Mine are the insulted 8'' boots. Many of these photos can be found on my instagram but I thought I would highlight my favorites and put them all in one place. Many of these outfits were worn on days when I only had one 8 AM class and didn't feel like dressing up (aka I wanted to be comfortable and wear a long sleeve t-shirt). 

This is a picture of how they looked right out of the box (after I laced them up).

You can see here I paired them with a Patagonia and leggings.

Paired with a long sleeve navy Southern Marsh shirt. 

With a navy Guy Harvey Carolina themed shirt!

Black infinity scarf, Southern Tide Shirt, Tory Burch tote bag for books.

SmartWool socks are what I always love to wear with my bean boots! I highly recommend them!
below is a link to the smart wool website page for a similar pair!

Of course wearing leggings with a Southern Shirt Company Spirit Jersey is a given. 
(Most Comfortable thing EVER)

This is what I wore one night to do polling. A Carolina sweatshirt with an acrylic NC state necklace in Carolina Blue (from Moon & Lola Link to site page below)

Bad picture, but I wore them with this sweater dress paired with leggings. 

Again with a Patagonia but in Black.

If y'all like any of my Patagonia pullovers, they come in many colors and styles

Long sleeve Carolina shirt :)

Added a Michael Kors bag to go to the Dining Hall for Dinner.

That's all for now y'all! To see more ways I will style them in the future please follow me on instagram! 

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Happy Monday Y'all :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving Break! Don't forget to be thankful for all that you have! Tell your family you love them!!!! <3

xoxo- North Carolina Belle 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lilly Dorm Room Tour Part One

    As y'all will see in these pictures my Lilly dorm room is decorated for Christmas already! I love BOWS as you can tell! 

My wooden letters that hang above my bed are painted by Kreations4ubykt and are Inspired by the North Carolina State print by Lilly Pulitzer!

Cape Lookout on the Outer Banks of NC is my favorite NC lighthouse! 

I love my monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer pillows and sheets from Garnet Hill!!!! 

My Lilly Pulitzer fabric memo boards are from Etsy! 

I had to put bows on our door of course! And tissue paper with snowflakes....

I don't think my bed would look as nice without my eyelet dust ruffle! My bed is so high I use a small little pink ottoman/stool with storage to climb up! I refuse to sit at my desk so I took out the chair and put a drawer for bags and purses and a lilly pulitzer storage bin for my towels there instead! On my desk... More monograms! :) The serving tray is Lilly Pulitzer and really adds color to the desk! (That's never how it really looks... It always has at least one lilly cup and lilly notepad on it) 

This is what it usually looks like... Well on a good day... 

Close up of wastebasket 🎀🎀🎀🎀

I love my pictures organized in frames! I think it looks so much more clean and organized! I am obsessed with pictures if you can't already tell! The sheet of paper on the door is the UNC men's basketball schedule... I am so excited! 

Had to spruce up the window area! HATE. Those horrible curtains but they won't let us change them! We tried! 

Can y'all tell I LOVE the beach? I may be guilty when it comes to Loving Pink and Green! 

Hope y'all enjoyed the first part of my Lilly Dorm Room Tour! BE SURE to let me know what y'all think!!! 

Thanks for following and reading! I really appreciate it! 

Xoxo- North Carolina Belle 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A little black and gray.... Is okay!

    I realize I am usually known as the Lilly girl or pink and green girl around my former prep school and to those that know me at college but I don't always need to be wearing Lilly Pulitzer, going a few days without wearing my favorite brand will not make me any less of a devoted "Lilly Lover." Today I chose to wear black and gray and dress warmly for this cold New York weather on the Hudson. 
        This morning, I pulled out my black leather riding boots and favorite black Ralph Lauren cape and a dress from French Connection that would be hard to mistake as a Lilly dress. I grabbed my Yurmans, pearls, red lipstick, and a curling iron and told myself that today would be a great day (although I may be tired after pulling an all-nighter but that doesn't really seem to phase me).
     I was determined to be warm and comfortable... What's more comfortable than a pair of leggings and a dress? The clothes I wear are a reflection of my personal attitudes, beliefs, and individual style, many people here only see the preppy girl because that's the mojority of what I've worn around them, they don't usually see the more sophisticated elegant side of my personal style. No matter what I wear I hope people see me and my clothes and classic yet fun; hopefully they exude a sense of happiness. The reason I love Lilly is because I can express myself and my happiness just by putting on one of her pieces. They are bright, fun, colorful, or have some special meaning to me. I know that I will always love Lilly but I also recognize there is more to the fashion world beyond Lilly Pulitzer. 

     So today I decided to go back to how I used to dress more in the winter- what I feel is a classic sophisticated look with black, gold, and gray. 

      This black Ralph Lauren cape ( I mentioned as my favorite RL piece in the requested preppy girl tag video posted on YouTube) is one of my favorite black pieces to wear over my dresses. The gold buttons are beautiful and go nicely with my gold jewelry. The Tory Burch tote bag (mentioned in my what's in my school bag video on YouTube) is my go to bag for days when I have a lot of classes. I love the size and shape of my black sunglasses by Tory Burch.

     This the the pearl necklace I got a while ago from Nordstrom and my pearl earrings are my staple I wear most days. 

       I really love it when my hair is curled so I quickly did it in about 15 minutes this morning with a medium barrel curling iron. I also love red lipstick in the winter and had to wear it with this outfit! 

      This is a dress I got a few years ago from French Connection and I like it because it is different than any of my other dresses and I think the pearls just make the dress so much better! I wore black riding boots and black leggings! So warm! 
       I want y'all to know that you should wear what makes you happy and don't let other people around you make you dress any differently! Dress for yourself! 
If I didn't dress for myself, and wasn't comfortable being a unique Lilly girl on my campus I wouldn't be as happy! 

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