Friday, January 10, 2014

Barbour, Tusk In Sun, and Preppy School Accessories

       Winter break has been so much fun for me partly because of all the I get to spend with my siblings, especially Caroline! I was reminded today how my style evolved and one of the main reasons I have such a preppy style. I attended a private college preparatory school for 14 years, where my brother and sister still attend. Our school is basically like a second home because we've spent so much time there and we are so involved in our school's community! The way we dress has definitely been impacted by the dress codes we had to follow, the fashion choices of our peers, and how our Mother dressed us when we were younger. I have always dressed the way I wanted to but my style has been influenced by my school. I will always have classic pieces that I can wear for years to come. Ralph Lauren and Lilly Pulitzer will always be in my closet. I wanted to share with y'all my outfit of the day today and a couple of Caroline's outfits that are cute and preppy. I also wanted to show you some of her cute preppy school bags and accessories! The way we dress makes us happy and we encourage everyone who reads this or sees our posts on our accounts to dress the way that makes them happy! Sure clothes and material objects can be nice but it's most important to be happy with who you are! True beauty is from within! I want y'all to know that y'all are special and I hope that I can be a positive role model for y'all! <3    - North Carolina Belle


The coat is Barbour seen in previous posts on this blog and on my instagram. The scarf is a Lilly Pulitzer Tusk In Sun Murfee scarf. {Love the elephants} The Louis Vuitton bag is a speedy 35. The white shirt is a simple long-sleeved Vineyard Vines shirt but cute gold and white buttons on the shoulders. 

Tusk In Sun cell phone case for iPhone 5. 

This is my latest nail color! It's Big Apple Red by OPI. (My nails are so short omg)

Black Tory Burch Reva flats with gold medallions.  

I love my car so much I just had to have a picture with it haha.

The gold plated Moon&Lola monogram necklace is my favorite monogram piece and can be found here! 

Here is a look at Caroline's preppy looks!

Wallabees are a classic, even my Mother had them! (In high school) It's a trend that has been back around our area for the last few years. 

Barbour coat in olive.

"Being happy never goes out of style!" -Lilly Pulitzer

The scalloped top is by Lilly Pulitzer 
The monogram necklace is just like my Moon&Lola one in gold!

Vineyard Vines Belt. (larger for a better view)

Look at the back of the Barbour coat. 

My sister loves her hot pink Recon backpack by The North Face.
(or as we just call it… North Face)

Her clear and pink monogram keychain is just so cute!

Her Smathers and Branson needlepoint keychain is so cute!

Vineyard Vines tote bag is perfect for extra books

Every girl needs a cute case for iPad! This one is from Lilly Pulitzer in Let's Cha Cha!

This is another outfit today of Caroline's 

J. Crew is a great classic look! Pearls complete the look!
Of course tartan is classic too!

The hot pink Hunter boots add a great pop of color!

The button down and skirt are J. Crew and rain boots are Hunter.

She is using my Lilly Pulitzer umbrella ;)

Hunters and Bean Boots are a great shoe option for a rainy day!

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Love,  North Carolina Belles 


  1. I LOVE Tusk in the Sun!!! :) Yall's outfits are precious!!!

    Love Always,

  2. You are os gorgeous! Caroline is just so lucky to have an amazing older sister like you. Thanks to both of you I am totally ogling over that coat!

    xo, Kira

  3. Wow, your style is just like mine. Loving every little piece and detail on you two!