Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Preppy January Favorites

"Wale" if it keeps on snowing, I'll need a hood

Hey y'all!
Today it snowed, again, surprise! 
We are getting pretty sick of the snow for sure. 

Today on this Wonderful Wednesday, I finally wore the Vineyard Vines whale sweater I got for Christmas! I thought I would share this OOTD with y'all because I just love this sweater and I wanted to show you the Barbour hood that I attached to my coat for the first time today. (There are also some snow pics from our snowstorms lately haha) 

Obsessed with the neckline
Love the pink, blue, and navy!

Bean Boots 

Moon and Lola monogrammed necklace 

*Focus don't mess up the hair* LOL

The Barbour Tartan

The Barbour coat is the classic beadnell waxed jacket in olive
The hood is the classic sykoil hood

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lilly Blazers for Days

Weeks had gone by and I just kept staring at the little collection of Lilly Pulitzer blazers neatly hung together on the right side of my tiny dorm room closet. I realized that I could not let another winter season pass without wearing them! ALL of them! Yes, there are the ones with the tags still on them I'm sorry to say. 

This week is New York Fashion Week but in my world (Lilly Land) it is Lilly Pulitzer blazer week where I have planned to wear a blazer everyday this week. It may sound very silly but I feel bad that certain items in my closet never get worn. I am trying to rectify the situation. 

A blazer is a classic garment and should not be overlooked, especially if you love a classic preppy look.
Blazers can be used to dress up or dress down. Blazers can be worn to a job interview or as part of a uniform to school. 

I love my Lilly blazer today. It includes two of my favorite colors, pink and navy. 

The blazer, pink shirt, and bag are from Lilly Pulitzer 
Shoes: Tory Burch revas in gold
Monogram Necklace: Moon and Lola

Obsessed* with my latest nail color
"Shorts Story" by OPI 

The pinks go so well together ;)

I love this bag because it's navy and has hearts a flutter print on the sides

Love the gold and pink combination 

I had to include this selfie from earlier today when I realized (while snapchatting) how green my eyes look.
I may be a little obsessed with the color lol, I know, I'm weird. 

Loving this nail polish color so much!

This was the blazer I wore yesterday!
I wore a blue Lilly top and used my latest Lilly coastal tote bag!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Nautical and Pearls

This OOTD post is something I wanted to share on my blog because it is such a nautical style outfit for winter and I love it! I LOVE navy and white and anything nautical. Apart from the leggings, bean boots and jewelry, the outfit is all Vineyard Vines. It just happened that way I suppose because a lot of my Vineyard Vines things happen to be navy. I love navy and I love pearls.

Pearls- my favorite accessory
I love the rope detail of the dress!

The Bean Boots were a must for today!

The Harvest Down Coat from Vineyard Vines is so warm! 
So nice to have a navy down coat when everyone else around campus is wearing black.

Just a causal barge going down the Hudson.

I love that this coat has a belt! I love bows ;)

Pearl hair barrette 

Such a beautiful day!

Loving this new dress and sweater from my Mother!
Vineyard Vines Braid Rope sweater dress
Vineyard Vines Coastline Striped cardigan
Jewelry: DY and Pearls

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Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Collection

This week- Snow Great

Hey Y'all!
It's been such a great week getting all this snow and missing classes! I've been somewhat productive lately, blogging more, making videos, and cleaning my room!

Here's a look at what I've been up to!

admiring the beautiful snowfall….

eeeekkk danger!

I had to go outside with a ruler and measure it!

As you can see there was so much snow! Over a foot! 
(Being a North Carolinian from the piedmont part of the state I'm not used to seeing this much at once)

I love my little piece of Lilly Heaven!

I love my view of "The Tree" and the Hudson River.

I spent a some time watching Mad Men. I highly recommend it.

Finally had a chance to wear this new Vineyard Vines vest! It's so warm.

I did some cleaning and found this Lilly photo album that I made for Freshman year so I wouldn't forget home hahaha just kidding. (I could never forget)

My desk was cleaned again! It just gets so messy doubling as a desk and bedside table!

I've been using this "Lucky Charms" Lilly Pulitzer tray as a catchall on my desk. I works well and brightens up the desk area!

I made a makeup collection video last night of the makeup I have here at school.

I got up a little earlier this morning before accounting and made an everyday makeup tutorial video. 
I was pretty satisfied that I made a video and got ready for class at the same time. ;)

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