Monday, November 25, 2013

How I Style My Bean Boots

          I have had multiple requests to show more pictures of how I style my bean boots by L.L.Bean so I decided to posts many of my OOTDs featuring my boots. Mine are the insulted 8'' boots. Many of these photos can be found on my instagram but I thought I would highlight my favorites and put them all in one place. Many of these outfits were worn on days when I only had one 8 AM class and didn't feel like dressing up (aka I wanted to be comfortable and wear a long sleeve t-shirt). 

This is a picture of how they looked right out of the box (after I laced them up).

You can see here I paired them with a Patagonia and leggings.

Paired with a long sleeve navy Southern Marsh shirt. 

With a navy Guy Harvey Carolina themed shirt!

Black infinity scarf, Southern Tide Shirt, Tory Burch tote bag for books.

SmartWool socks are what I always love to wear with my bean boots! I highly recommend them!
below is a link to the smart wool website page for a similar pair!

Of course wearing leggings with a Southern Shirt Company Spirit Jersey is a given. 
(Most Comfortable thing EVER)

This is what I wore one night to do polling. A Carolina sweatshirt with an acrylic NC state necklace in Carolina Blue (from Moon & Lola Link to site page below)

Bad picture, but I wore them with this sweater dress paired with leggings. 

Again with a Patagonia but in Black.

If y'all like any of my Patagonia pullovers, they come in many colors and styles

Long sleeve Carolina shirt :)

Added a Michael Kors bag to go to the Dining Hall for Dinner.

That's all for now y'all! To see more ways I will style them in the future please follow me on instagram! 

Thanks for reading and for following! For more on my style and southern life check out my YouTube channel and twitter! (Links in Bio)

Happy Monday Y'all :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving Break! Don't forget to be thankful for all that you have! Tell your family you love them!!!! <3

xoxo- North Carolina Belle 


  1. OH MY! Love them! You style them adorably!

    XOXO- Lydia

  2. great style, you managed to wear this boots so fashionable. I LIKE YOUR HAIR!
    I really like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Will be glad if you visit my blog
    Have a great day!

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