Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Wale" if it keeps on snowing, I'll need a hood

Hey y'all!
Today it snowed, again, surprise! 
We are getting pretty sick of the snow for sure. 

Today on this Wonderful Wednesday, I finally wore the Vineyard Vines whale sweater I got for Christmas! I thought I would share this OOTD with y'all because I just love this sweater and I wanted to show you the Barbour hood that I attached to my coat for the first time today. (There are also some snow pics from our snowstorms lately haha) 

Obsessed with the neckline
Love the pink, blue, and navy!

Bean Boots 

Moon and Lola monogrammed necklace 

*Focus don't mess up the hair* LOL

The Barbour Tartan

The Barbour coat is the classic beadnell waxed jacket in olive
The hood is the classic sykoil hood

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North Carolina Belle


  1. That sweater is 'whaley' cute! I love all of your outfit posts! I'm slightly jealous of the snow that you've got - we've not had any this year and I'm gutted at not having an excuse to break out my bean boots!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  2. Do you know of any cute quotes for an insta bio?