Friday, October 25, 2013

Duck Boots and Duck Shirts?

        I was SO excited to wear my Bean Boots or Duck Boots this morning to class... Along with my new Southern Marsh long sleeve shirt in navy! (It was a cold morning in New York)
My Southern Marsh shirt is so comfortable I want to wear it all the time! It's also cute because it goes along with the whole duck theme haha! 

I got the shirt while I was home this past weekend for midsemester break at Great Outdoor Provision Company! I prefer going over to the men's side and getting the shirts with the pockets on them! I had so many choices but finally ended up with this one because I love navy and loved the saying on the pocket "authentic southern class." I also loved the back, and I knew it would look great with a Patagonia and go perfectly with my new duck Bean Boots!

I thought they were so practical and kept my feet cozy with the insulation! I know the insulated 8" boots are a little more expensive but I think they were totally worth it! Also they weren't back ordered which made me happy! 

SIZING: In my opinion they run true to size! I wear a size 10 in most shoes and got the size 10 and they fit perfectly! If you are for example a 9.5 I would recommend getting a 9, I think the 10 might be too big for you! I would also consider what socks you will be wearing with them before making your decision! 

I am actually kinda of enjoying the cooler weather... I know it's just starting and it will be this way for a while... Not looking forward to that though! 

Thanks for reading/ following! I really appreciate y'all reading and any comments or questions! 

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North Carolina Belle 


  1. Those boots are too cute. Lovely outfit. Following you on GFC #8.