Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Patagonia Pullover, Jacket, and Vest

 Hey Y'all! So I thought I would share some of my favorite Patagonia pullover, jacket, and vest styles! I love the Patagonia brand for the quality, practicality, and of course the comfort of their warm fleece outerwear.  My favorite Patagonia product would have to be the popular women's Re-Tool Snap-T Pullover. I love it so much because it keeps me so warm and features pockets.

Women's Re-Tool Snap-T Pullover

For those who aren't crazy about a pullover, I recommend the Women's Full-Zip Re-Tool Jacket

Women's Full-Zip Re-Tool Jacket

There are also the very popular fleece vests that are great to wear with a long sleeve shirt!

Patagonia Women's Retro-X Vest

The Woman's Re-Tool Vest is another great choice!

Women's Re-Tool Vest

These products can be found on Patagonia's website

There are also many other products and outerwear styles offered by Patagonia that y'all should check out! I recommend visiting their website linked above. 

I discovered Patagonia when I was in High School and The North Face jackets of Middle School were becoming less and less popular. For some reason though, it seems like almost everyone and their brother still has a black North Face fleece jacket on my college campus in New York... I can't explain this because as far as I am concerned the only North Face items I still own or that anyone from where I live really still wears or uses are the windbreakers/ rain jackets and the backpacks.  I feel like more people on my campus this year (in a city north of New York City) actually have Patagonia's now!  I don't understand why it is taking them so long to catch up, I feel like it is kinda of similar to the whole Longchamp Le Pilage shopping tote bag trend. I know that may sound bad, don't get me wrong I feel that people from New York City are on trend and know what is going on in the world of fashion and everything but this is just something I have seen many examples of with groups of people my age who live in the empire state or the North in general. Don't get me wrong I love my Lonchamps but I was amazed when three years ago some of my friends from New York hadn't even heard of or seen of a Longchamp bag. One girl started carrying one and suddenly almost everyone in her school was using the tote for their school books. I don't want to sound as though my hometown in NC is the place for the latest trends even though it seems that way but I have noticed that it doesn't make sense to me why people who live near a fashion capital of the world could be so behind? I saw how popular Longchamps were when I was in Europe at the same time I saw how popular they were where I lived. Actually, this puzzled me so much it was one of things that made me even more interested in fashion and what is popular in different parts of the country. I has just assumed that everyone knew about Longchamps because it was popular where I lived and popular in Europe so surely it must be popular in New York as well, but I was wrong. These are just some things that continue to puzzle me...
Also... why was it North Face jackets aren't as popular? Are we consumers just bored of it?

Thanks for reading :) 

xoxo- North Carolina Belle


  1. can't believe it's that time of the year again to pull out warm clothes! It is so cold today in the city!

    love from NYC,

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  2. I know it was so cold here today, not ready for that New York winter weather! Thanks for the comment and for reading I appreciate it!
    North Carolina Belle