Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Beckett... "Sometimes it just takes the right dress"

I love the Beckett Dress by Lilly Pulitzer! It's comfortable and so cute and love that it has long sleeves! I think I would even travel in it, or even wear it out to dinner with some nice heels and great accessories! It also looks so good with a Tusk In Sun phone case haha!
This is how I styled it today! With the "My Beau Belt" also by Lilly in Gold! I loved that the belt gave it more shape and of course because it was a gold bow! You can never go wrong with Pink, Navy, and Bows! 
I know it isn't navy but I love using my black Tory Burch tote with this dress to carry around my books! 

Sometimes it just take the right dress and right shoes to make you feel great about yourself and confident that the day will be great no matter what! TAKE TIME TO ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS! Don't take anything for granted! I appreciate each and every one of y'all for reading! 

XOXO- North Carolina Belle


  1. Lovely dress and you are wearing it beautifully. I totally agree, You can't go wrong with pink. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know.

    1. Thanks so much and thanks for reading! I am not familiar with GFC what is it?

      North Carolina Belle

  2. I love that dress, it looks great on you! I also really like the belt you paired with it!


    1. Thanks you! Thanks for reading! I appreciate it and I look forward to reading your blog!

      xoxo North Carolina Belle

  3. You are SO pretty! I follow your Instagram and read your blog. So inspiring!

    1. Thanks so much sweet girl! I really do appreciate it!
      What do like or dislike about my posts? Is there anything I can do to improve? Either in quality or the type of posts I do?!? I am always looking for feedback!
      Thanks for following and reading!

      XOXO North Carolina Belle