Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Break 2013

     Hey y'all! I wanted to share some photos from my time at home in North Carolina during Thanksgiving. I am so very thankful for my family and everything that I have in my life. Above all, I am thankful for my parents, brother, and sister. I am also thankful that God has blessed my life in so many ways.

This was my OOTD for my flight home Monday!

Packed Checked Bag!

Mid-packing the carry-on. 

Michael Kors Coat and Calvin Klein Dress.
Black J.Crew Sweater and Pearl Necklace From Nordstrom.

Charging my phone and computer waiting at my gate!
Chevron keyboard cover from 
Computer Bag from Lilly Pulitzer and wristlet (I use for phone and headphones while traveling)
is from Ron Jon surf shop.

Waiting forever…. so I took a selfie lol.

Picture I took flying over NY State.

Basically had the second plane to myself haha. 

My Father and Sister, my Father is happy but doesn't look that way lol! 

My Parents and sister were so sweet to all come to pick me up at the airport! My brother was busy with homework :) so I forgive him. 

When I got home I was so glad to see Macy! 

And Garfield too!

Preparing for a Macy attack!

My brother's cat is pretty but Dogs are my favorite.

Staying cozy in a Patagonia. 

My sister was sporting a new Southern Tide frocket tee paired with Hunter Rainboots 

Thank goodness I had a pair of rain boots at home! 
These are coach poppy.

OOTD: Lilly Pulitzer sweater and top

We went to Cracker Barrel! Yum!!!!

Warm by the fire.

I was very happy to see my bed! Macy likes it too!

I was very very glad to see my car and to drive it!
Audi A4

I was surprised to see my photo on Tumbler and Pinterest!!!

awww Macy

Thanksgiving Day Outfit
Lilly Pulitzer Chevron Sweater Dress
Navy and Gold
Lilly Wedges

My sister wore her pink Patagonia vest.

She also wore her new Tory Burch Reva flats.

Pink headband to match

So for Black Friday I actually went shopping so I could spend some time with my best friend and my sister. 

I loved what I saw at Belk in Vineyard Vines.

I wore a Vineyard Vines dress with gold Tory Burch Revas and a red Longchamp le pillage tote.

BELK >>>

Love a lot of things from Lilly Pulitzer resort '13.

Had to make a stop to Chick-fil-a for lunch. 

I was glad to spend some time with my best friend.

While watching The Big Valley I painted my nails

Sparkly red...

to sparkly gold

Saturday we celebrated my grandparents' birthdays!

So thankful for them.

My Sister and Mother.

They wanted a picture with all six of their grandchildren. 
(My family on the left)

Being silly with Daddy haha

Mommy is the best Mother!

I love grilled chicken and mashed potatoes.

I also love milkshakes from Cook-Out now and then.

See I had the same thing for lunch the next day!

Before my flight I made a quick trip to Monkee's

So many Hunter Boots!

My sister in Southern Tide with a Vineyard Vines tote.

I was quite happy with my purchases :)

Perfect for a chilly plane!

Bye NC!

The disappointment of a Sunday… Chick-fil-a is closed.

Needed to charge my Lilly Pulitzer mobile charger.

Snapchatting and then…..

Lilly Pulitzer favorited my tweet and I was happy!

That's all, I'll post pictures of what I got on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
Until then… check out what I got on my YouTube Channel! 
Link Below

Thanks for reading! 
I appreciate all my followers and all your comments! 

North Carolina Belle

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  1. Looks like you had a great break!! I am the opposite of you- I'm from the North but I go to college in NC! I also went home for break. :-) And I think we have the same pink suitcase haha!

    xoxo Miss ALK

    1. Yes I did! So funny! Thanks for reading! :)

  2. I love Monkee's!! I have one in my area and my friend works there! I could spend all day and all of my parents money in there!! I love your blog!!