Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Just a little look into my life…

My spring break this year wasn't anywhere exotic or fancy, it was spent mostly in my hometown in North Carolina with my friends, family, and boyfriend. A lot happened each day and I thought I would post about my break this year. Just a warning… a lot of shopping and traveling was done. :)

The first day home… 

Got a cute welcome home gift from my boyfriend! 
He got me a new phone case and the orange slice earrings were a GWP.  

My sweet cousin Ashley turned 8 and I got to celebrate her birthday with her.

One of her birthday presents was a basketball goal, Christopher and I definitely had fun shooting hoops with her! 

Thought I would include this one as I reminisce about how long my hair was at the beginning of spring break. 

Christopher and I went shopping in Greensboro and had to drop by Belk's new Lilly Pulitzer section. 
These are some pictures I took while there. 

I liked this Lilly Loves Belk murfee scarf. 

Aren't these dresses cute!? 

Later that night, after a little more shopping at places for Christopher like Great Outdoor Provision at Friendly Center…. I had to let Christopher experience The Melting Pot (I hadn't been there in years).

The cheese and meats were good

… but the dessert was my favorite part.

While in Greensboro the next day…. I make a point to go in Palm Avenue of course. 
I was so excited to see that they had just recently started carrying men's clothes!
Vineyard Vines- Men's and Women's
Southern Tide
Southern Proper

They had the new Lilly Pulitzer key fobs and I wanted them all...

Spring shipment of new Lilly Pulitzer had just arrived and I loved it all. 

I loved this shirt and my boyfriend was kind enough to buy this and a few other things for me. 

Christopher was sweet to buy me some cute stuff at Palm Avenue. 

Yeah, I love him. 

Later that evening I met up with my family to see Fleetwood Mac… I love their music. 

Had to include this St. Patrick's Day 2015 snap.

The concert was amazing and I am glad I got to go with most of my family (my brother William didn't go, but my sister Caroline and parents were there). 

The next day I had lunch with my wonderful grandmother and parents at our favorite lunch restaurant. 

I finally decided it was time to get my hair cut because it wasn't healthy to have it so long… it was strange at first but I love it now that it is shorter again. 

Later that day I stopped by my hometown Belk….

and I ended up getting some things along with the key fob from Palm Avenue.

Later that day Christopher surprised me by taking me to Charlotte for the evening. 

Of course the main event was going to SouthPark Mall.
We went in Belk, Louis Vuitton, Lilly Pulitzer, and Vineyard Vines. 

Their clothes for the Kentucky Derby were all amazing. I love all the party colors and seersucker. 

The next day we ate at our favorite restaurant again, and I tried out a bit of a 50's housewife inspired hairdo. 

Later we went to sweet frog for frozen yogurt, I love that place. 

These are some more pictures of my outfit for the day of the concert 

These are some collages I made that week

I enjoyed getting to spend so much time with Christopher. 
(Especially just hanging out and watching movies)

I got a lot of Lilly Pulitzer at Lunch with Lilly 

I was sad to leave North Carolina, but it was time to get back to college in New York. I was glad that Christopher took me to the airport since my family was at Topsail Island on their break. 

Thanks so much for reading!

xoxo, North Carolina Belle

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