Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2014 Haul and NYC Haul

        I'm excited to finally share this haul with you all and share my adventures from my fall break! Be prepared, there WILL be a lot of pictures, especially from my trip into New York City.
        During my fall break I was quite busy, there was no down time like I thought there would be when my mother decided to come up here to New York from North Carolina for the fall break which was also the weekend after my birthday that previous Tuesday. She came bearing gifts from Lilly Pulitzer and Belk (in my latest birthday haul post and video).
        When she got here we decided to go to New Haven, Connecticut to visit Yale where one of my siblings is looking at for college so that she could go back to the Yale Bookstore to get some things, to go to the apple store to get some cords we both needed, and to see the beautiful campus this time of year.

We stopped by Cracker Barrel for breakfast before our adventure. 

Connecticut can be pretty, especially in the fall.

…. In New Haven

Picked up some items from the apple store. 

Did a lot of browsing in the bookstore, there were some very helpful and friendly employees there. 

Saw this in the Yale Bookstore and had to get, can't wait to read it.

I'm guessing this is one of the famous gates of Yale.

Had to get a bulldog :)

I absolutely love this men's Yale quarter zip!

The end of that journey

       On Saturday, we decided we would go into New York City. I needed to visit a department store for my buying project so I chose one of my favorites in the city, Bloomingdale's. Before heading there we made sure to visit the Lilly Pulitzer store on Madison Avenue! When we left Lilly we walked across the street and popped into the Barbour store. From there, we told the taxi to take us to Bloomingdale's on Lexington Ave.

We arrived at Grand Central Station...

First Stop: Lilly Pulitzer Madison Avenue

So glad to be there on a lovely Saturday afternoon wearing a "Tusk In Sun" dress.

I went on the perfect day! 10% of the sales that day went to The American Cancer Society.

Love the tile flooring.

Bright fun dresses. 

Layers, loving these quilted jackets and vests this season. 

"If these prints could talk…"

Love this….

Minnies make me happy. 

"Dress me up in pink and green"

The Barefoot Tycoon herself

Love that chandelier

Love the huge shell in the fireplace

Minnies! OMG!

This is just so precious

These little mini McKims oh my

"Electric Feel" and "Paws Off"


It's just so small 

Agendas, Popovers, Shorts, and Scarves...

These vests are perfect for fall

Couldn't pass on this navy Destination Quilted Jacket!!!! 
Perfect to go with all of my navy outfits I wear during the fall and winter.

Worth It Leather Handbag in Almond is a must have!

Worth It Leather Handbag in Navy is sooo worth it too!

"Barefoot or McKim…"

Gold, Gold, Gold

Love the pink dress with the gold cross body bag.
I have this bag and it is the perfect size for a night out.

Printed Murfee Scarves are a great addition to any outfit.

darling it's a Lilly (of course)

"Not her first Lilly and certainly not her last!"

Thank you to the sweet people at the Lilly Pulitzer on Madison Avenue! 

Love this dress (It's on my wish list)

Got a little something from the Barbour store.

On to Bloomingdale's….

Tried on the Burberry quilted jacket and just had to finally get it after all these years.

This Tory Burch logo bag is on my wish list

Could this be in my future?
One can never have too many Le Pilage totes from Longchamp.

Silly selfies in bloomie's with snapchat 

Ahhhhh how I love David Yurman

My boyfriend knows what I want ;)

Had to get food at Flip in bloomie's!

I love eating there

Ran across the street for a sweets fix at Dylan's Candy Bar.

Back at Grand Central Station 

My Favorites

Bows from Southern Society Company 

Love the bows and monogram items from this company.
Check out their products.

In the Lilly Dressing Room

The scarf I got at Barbour

Free umbrella from Bloomingdale's

The Getaway Quilted Vest in Daiquiri Pink

Elsa Top in Paws Off

Corine Dress in Sea Oat Escapades in the Everglades

Corine Dress in Sunkissed Pink Paws Off

Electric Feel Maxi Dress

Navy Tunic with gold 

Elsa in Electric Feel

Destination Quilted jacket in True Navy

So happy to have my wall monogram in Day Lily Punch Pink to come in form Kreations for you by Katie

It looks amazing!!!!

Just an OOTD


Make sure to order AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you are interested in monograms or ornaments so you can ensure your order will arrive in time for Christmas. :)

I highly recommend Katie's products, she does a great job!
Go check out her products!

Keychain from BBMparacord


about paracord

Offered in many colors and different styles, not just keychains!


Flash Drive Wrap

Stripple Bracelet

Stripple Keychain (stripe and 3 colors)

Overlapped Bracelet

Paracord Buddy/Human

Double Stripe Bracelet

*Proceeds go to the Forsyth Human Society 

Thanks so much for reading and for following!!!! 

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